Apruve Collections Process


Because credit terms vary depending upon the needs of our sellers and the profile of their buyers, Apruve offers terms that
mimic how credit cards work – all orders placed in a given month are due Net X days from the end of that month.



End of Month

Invoice sent via email (and attached as a PDF), co-branded with Apruve and the seller. All orders in a given month are consolidated into a single invoice with Net X terms.

7 Days Prior to Invoice Due

Payment reminder email with links to pay. Email is co-branded.

Days Prior to Invoice Due

Payment reminder email with links to pay. Email is co-branded.

Due Date

Payment due via electronic payment method (ACH, Credit Card) or paper check. All checks are sent to Apruve for processing.

Overdue Emails

Sent on a schedule every Monday and Thursday morning. Appropriate payment links included. Invoice attached as a PDF. Co-branded.

7 Days Past Due

First phone call from customer service representatives based in the U.S. Representative is calling “…on behalf of “Seller” & Apruve.”

Further Action (TBD)

The next action is triggered from the result of the previous phone call. Call again? Email? Was there a promise to pay? Unable to pay?

55 Days Past Due

A letter is sent through the mail to the buyer. The letter is sent “…on behalf of “Seller” and Apruve.” 


90 Days Past Due Generates an Automatic Collections Process:

    • Credit limit is adjusted to zero and buyer will be unable to purchase using Apruve.
    • If there is a dispute/return, Seller is notified and the issue is handled with Apruve.
    • Seller will have the option to keep a buyer account in good standing by paying down their invoice using their Apruve dashboard.