What is CMaaS?

Credit Management as a Service

CMaaS (sea-mas), v., 1. The act of managing your B2B credit program through the Apruve credit management platform and transaction network.  2. The act of cloud-sourcing how manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers offer revolving lines of credit to their business customers. –Syn. 1. seamless A/R, turnkey credit, credit management. –Ant. 1. outdated system, risky credit, messy integrations. Ex: We just started using Apruve’s CMaaS platform and no longer have track down outdated invoices, offer credit and terms to customers, or deal with all of the extra paperwork; everything is literally all in one spot.


Managing your credit program can be a recipe for disaster. With equal parts Accounts Receivable, DSO, and Collections, the process weighs down your balance sheet, reduces cashflow and adds headcount.

Do you really need to offer customers a line of credit?
Giving customers a line of credit is a sales tool. It’s typically a messy solution that is difficult to manage and expensive to maintain. We have baked up a perfect solution that is completely hands free: CMaaS, our Credit Management as a Service solution. CMaaS is the perfect combination of software and financing for easy and risk free credit purchasing for you and your customers. Extend lines of credit in a simple and risk free way today.

Sound like a fit? 

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