Offer revolving lines of credit to drive B2B sales.

The Buyer Experience

A Better Understanding of Your Business Buyer Using Apruve

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Buyer Purchase

Buyer Goes Shopping

Buyer Checkout

Buyer Checks out with Apruve

Payment is due

Invoice Arrives

Payment Happens

Buyer Pays on Net Terms


Credit Management in the Cloud

Business Customers Want to Pay on Their Terms.

For B2B purchases, extending credit to a customer is the industry standard. This practice increases loyalty and customer relationships but commonly leaves the seller empty handed and unable to grow their business.

Make your customers happy without having to sacrifice your business growth. Apruve gives Sellers the benefit of extending credit to your customers and getting paid within 24 hours.

It’s a Complicated Process.

Just like people, each customer is unique. A company can have numerous buyers, locations and payment processes that exponentially increase the complexity of each transaction.
Apruve simplifies the buying process by bringing each customer through the same platform. Simplifying the most complex transactions.

A Business Buyer is not a Consumer.

Buyers are individuals representing a larger organization tangled with complex procurement rules, timely approvals, systematic payment methods and exhausting paperwork requirements. Managing and collecting from these accounts is the root of the pain within your A/R process.
Apruve’s online CMaaS platform gives both sellers and buyers transparent access to all documentation in the cloud. View contact info, shipping/delivery address, preferred payment type and everything related to Accounts Receivables and financing in one cloud-based platform.

Credit Approval

Your B2B Customers are approved for credit in less than 60 seconds with immediate access to funds for making purchases.


Utilize funds from anywhere, on any device. With real-time credit limit notifications, you are always up-to-date on your spending limit.

Paying Invoices

Apruve helps you manage invoice due dates and can consolidate invoices for easier payment. Pay online or with a paper check.

Authorized Buyers

Set up an unlimited number of authorized buyers within your Corporate Account.

Let’s Connect

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