B2B Comparison Guide:

B2B Platform Comparison Guide

With the B2B eCommerce market projected to be three times the size of B2C, it’s obvious that distributors need to get online or they risk getting left behind.

Whether you are just beginning this journey, or you’ve hit double digit online sales, this guide can help you answer key questions to help you build or improve your B2B eCommerce strategy. Download this comparison guide to see if you are taking all the necessary steps to put your eCommerce sales ahead of your competition.

  • Should we host our platform in the cloud?
  • How important is utilizing mobile in B2B?
  • How are customers paying online?
  • Which options work best for my company size?
  • How do these platforms stack up against each other?
  • Which extension features are needed for my business?

This guide will walk you through strategic methods that will take your eCommerce solution to the next level. Comparing several platforms, this report shows eCommerce features that various platforms host to increase your business sales. Download this guide to see which platform is the best fit for your business needs. 

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