At Apruve, we not only minimize credit monsters, we manage them.

Transforming them from a nuisance into a driving force behind your business’s growth.
Don’t believe us? Meet the monsters below to see how CMaaS (Credit Monsters as a Solution) really works:

Apruve helps with Finances

FLIN, Finance

Financing without factoring in risk.

Likes: Loves clean and tidy piles of paid invoices.
Dislikes: Tracking down default payments from customers.

Apruve can help with Collections

CHUCK, Collections

Chasing down customers, to collecting cash.

Likes: Clean and tidy work spaces, and vanilla ice cream.
Dislikes: Coin collections, he thinks they are silly.

Apruve can help with Collections


Bad cash flow to low DSO.

Likes: Spending money on expensive bracelets, specifically the metal bangle kind that clink together and make noise. She likes to be noticed.
Dislikes: Getting paid late, and having to use a credit card.

Apruve can help with Purchasing

PEARL, Payments

Accepting payments from 9-5 to 24/7.

Likes: Online shopping and TV dinners.
Dislikes: Long walks on the beach, and piña coladas.

Apruve can help with Account Management

MOOSE, Account Management

Accumulate accounts under one roof.

Likes: Gossip magazines and high-end sunglasses #highfashion
Dislikes: Being stressed out by too much chaos, and not having access to his files in the cloud.

Apruve can help with Accounts Receivables

ABIGAIL, Accounts Receivable

Automate accounts receivable processes.

Likes: Paper! Lots and lots of paper.
Dislikes: Shopping, because it’s too time consuming.