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Business on Your Terms
For decades, business-to-business transactions have been one sided. Buyers have been able to pay for their purchases days or months after they order, leaving the seller with a lack of immediate capital, and a need to manage a customer’s receivable in order to get paid.

Apruve saw this injustice in the market and set out to make the process of extending credit a win-win for both parties involved. With Apruve, businesses can still pay on their terms with a revolving line of credit, but sellers get paid within 24 hours of any new order.

This is the game-changing concept that led Apruve to upend the traditional “Monster” that is B2B credit management. We call it “CMaaS” for Credit Management as a Service. Our goal is to make doing business as frictionless, safe and cost effective as possible.

Our B2B credit network connects business buyers, their suppliers, and third-party banks to drive B2B sales through easy, risk-free lines of credit. Apruve fully integrates directly into online stores or ERP’s to manage credit programs for suppliers with and without eCommerce.

We’re here to make the B2B credit monsters go away.

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