Are your B2B credit monsters out of control? 

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Extending Business Credit Without Any Risk

This is the core concept that drove us to create Apruve. Our team of B2B experts has seen countless buyer/seller relationships get mired down in a complex, manual process of paying for something on terms. There had to be a better way.

Our B2B Credit Network integrates to your ERP or B2B eCommerce platform to capture, manage and finance customer orders placed using their credit account. In other words, we extend credit to business buyers so their suppliers don’t have to.

Apruve is backed by some of the leading Fintech investors in the country and our customers range from small distributors to public companies. The pain that sellers go through to issue lines of credit to their customers is almost universal. Contact us today to learn more about how Apruve is solving for this pain and permanently changing the landscape of B2B commerce.

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