Spark Pay and Apruve

Apruve Integrates with Spark Pay

B2B credit management platform Apruve announced today that it has integrated with the Spark Pay eCommerce platform.

Apruve works with online sellers who extend payment terms to their business customers. Instead of manually handling credit applications, invoicing, collections and account management, Apruve automates this process and finances all invoices through third-party banks. Our app integrates right into eCommerce platforms like Sparkpay.

“Spark Pay is a great platform for us to work with,” said Apruve CEO, Michael Noble. “B2B is the new frontier of eCommerce and Spark Pay delivers an innovative, robust platform to their clients. We’re excited to be a part of their ecosystem and expand their B2B capabilities.”

Apruve’s plugin can be accessed via the apps section of Spark Pay’s website, Installing the application takes just a few minutes.

“Credit management is a major pain for B2B businesses,” continued Noble. “Apruve automates this process and eliminates the credit risk by financing every order to get merchants paid within 24 hours, not 30 days.”

About Apruve, Inc.
Apruve offers Credit Management as a Service (CMaaS) and is used by wholesalers, distributors and manufactures to manage revolving lines of credit with their customers. Apruve is backed by leading Fintech investors including TTV Capital and Allegis Capital. Learn more at

About Spark Pay
Spark Pay, a subsidiary of Capital One, is an eCommerce platform designed for new and seasoned businesses to bring easy flexibility and customization to their online strategy. Learn more at

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Rachel Hollifield
Marketing Manager

Fraud Protection

Credit Risk Management for B2B eCommerce

Protect yourself against fraud with Apruve, a credit management software solution offering Business Payments on your Terms. Apruve takes on the risk of extending credit to your customers in lieu of traditional credit cards. Credit cards have a high risk of fraud and identity theft, whereas extending credit eliminates those issues. According to Nasdaq , “A 2015 research note from Barclays stated that the U.S. is responsible for 47 percent of the world’s card fraud.”

We are not offering credit cards. We offer credit with terms, alleviating credit card fraud altogether. Our credit approval process adds an extra layer of protection against fraud. Our lenders are meticulous in their credit check and approval limit, verifying that the businesses we work with are on good terms.

What happens if there are fraudulent charges? Apruve is working for you to ensure that fraud doesn’t happen. We wish that we could eliminate fraud altogether, but unfortunately, it does happen. And when it does, we are here working to get it taken care of so you can continue to maintain your daily business activities. Offering credit through Apruve instead of processing traditional credit cards lowers the seller’s risk of credit fraud.

Business Payments on Your Terms
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