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Close More B2B Sales

Reveal your true customer by bringing the actual decision maker into the transaction.


Designed for Business Purchasing

Over 70% of all online business purchases involve more than one person.

Step 1 - Business shopper pays with Apruve at checkout

Business Shopper Clicks Apruve

Step 2 - Payer reviews and pays for purchase

Payer Reviews Request & Pays

Step 3 - Process the order as usual

Process the Order as Usual

Business Shopper
Clicks Apruve

Payer Reviews Request
and Pays

Process the Order
as Usual

Apruve In Action

We make buying easier for business shoppers.

Your Shoppers Want It

Business shoppers have different needs - we help you meet them.

Matt Hardy, CEO of Kidblog

Matt Hardy

CEO, Kidblog

"When paying for our premium plans, customers often need approval and reimbursement from their central business office. Apruve makes it easy to invite the right person at the school district to pay, while users proceed with a frictionless upgrade experience."

Safe & Smart Transactions

We are PCI Compliant.

PCI Compliant

We make business purchasing safer.

Safer For Customers

We help you reduce the number of chargebacks.

Fewer Chargebacks

Simple transaction fee structure.

Simple Transaction Fees