B2B eCommerce doesn't have to be so hard

With Corporate Accounts from Apruve, it's easier than ever for online buyers and sellers to connect and do business.

Automated Corporate Account Management

Businesses and their buyers have a unique set of purchasing needs from managing authorized buyers to credit approval and invoicing.

How will you and your eCommerce platform handle this?

With Apruve, sellers can offer a robust corporate account management platform right from their online store in a completely risk-free way.


Stop being a bank for your customer

One of the key differences between B2B & B2C is that businesses often buy on terms. In other words, they can get what they need today, but pay for it later.

To handle this process, sellers must engage in a labor intensive, high risk, cashflow eating process of credit approval, invoicing and collections.

Wouldn't it be great if that entire customer relationship and credit risk was managed for you? Right from your online store?

Extend payment terms without any manpower or risk

Credit Approval

Buyers will fill out an online credit application linked off of your site, but hosted by Apruve. Our financing partners will algorithmically process real-time approvals up to $50K with manual approval up to $1M taking around 1 hour.

Once approved your customer will automatically be onboarded into their corporate account.


With corporate accounts from Apruve, sellers are paid within 24 hrs of any invoice being generated. 

Your credit risk? Cash flow worries? A/R and credit management costs? Let us handle these so you can get back to growing your business, not chasing down payments.

Buyers love us too

With Apruve's A/P dashboard, buyers get a real time picture of their supplier relationship along with tools to manage shoppers, purchasing approval, POs, open invoices and more.

Checking out couldn't be easier

Need to use a PO?  Want to add this order to a corporate account? The customer experience at checkout takes efficiency to new standards.

Getting Started

For Merchants

Grow your B2B eCommerce business by automating account management, eliminating credit and improving the shopping experience for your customer.

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For Businesses

Apruve becomes your "Virtual Corporate Account" where you can easily manage your procurement practice with your online suppliers.

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