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Business Payments for eCommerce

Automated Accounts Receivable tied directly to your eCommerce platform.

Payment Modal

Handle Business Accounts Online

Last we checked, eCommerce doesn't work too well with paper and fax machines. Eliminate your inefficient, costly and error-prone processes.


Automate Accounts Receivable

Purchase Order Integration

Reduce cost per order, risks and errors associated with a manual accounts receivable process.

Communicate easily with your customer to manage business accounts, credit approval, and payment terms.

Accept Payment Terms at Checkout

Use Apruve to manage payment terms, always integrated directly into your eCommerce platform.

When Apruve sends the invoice, your customers pay the way they want using a Credit Card, ACH or Paper Check.

Many ways for your customer to pay

Designed for Business Purchasing

Over 70% of all online business purchases involve more than one person.

Shoppers pick out what they need

Shoppers Fill Up Their Carts

Request for Payment is Sent Out

Decision-makers approve and pay

Decision-makers Approve & Pay

Shoppers Fill Up
Their Carts

Request for Payment
is Sent

Approve & Pay

Meet Business Purchasing Head On

Business shoppers have different needs - we help you meet them.

Matt Hardy, CEO of Kidblog

Matt Hardy

CEO, Kidblog

"When paying for our premium plans, customers often need approval and reimbursement from their central business office. Apruve makes it easy to invite the right person at the school district to pay, while users proceed with a frictionless upgrade experience."
Matt Hardy, CEO of Kidblog

Debi Steigerwald

Director of Digital Marketing, Vology

“In a B2B transaction finding the decision maker is not always easy. Apruve is a way to do that AND prevent cart abandonment at the same time - can’t get any better than that.”