credit management for B2B Commerce

Extending credit doesn't have to be scary. Offer risk-free revolving lines of credit to your business customers with Apruve.

A better experience for your business customers

Buyers can manage their corporate accounts online, pay bills and get a streamlined, one-click checkout experience from your online store.
Reduce your DSO and paper

Streamline A/R

Apruve manages your customer credit approval, invoicing, collections and payments.
Cash Icon

Improve Cash Flow

You get paid within 24 hours of any invoice being generated. Your Days Sales Outstanding goes to 1.
Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Collections? That's our worry, not yours. We take on the risk associated with offering payment terms.
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Build Loyalty

Offering credit binds you more tightly to your customer, encouraging repeat purchasing and long term loyalty.

You're Not a Bank

Extending terms to your customer leads to your own cash flow and collections issues. Apruve partners with third-party banks to finance your invoices, improve your cash flow and clean up your balance sheet.

Stop managing and financing your own credit program

Offer risk-free revolving lines of credit to your customers without any A/R overhead.

Reduce Your Cost to Extend Credit

Apruve's software platform manages complex, cumbersome credit management tasks for you, driving down A/R costs through automation.

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