Extend a business line of credit fully managed and financed by Apruve

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How is my credit program managed?

Offline orders are any order that purchases are made on account through phone, fax or email. Apruve ties directly into your order management or ERP system to automatically pull purchase data, making minimal adjustments to your current fulfillment processes.


Same Credit Line, No Matter How You Order

Whether your customer places their order through your sales rep or through your online store, Apruve’s credit network can capture that order and apply it to their specific business revolving line of credit. Our process is as easy as accepting a credit card.

Apruve has an offline solution
Credit Network

We Manage your Business Credit Lines

Apruve’s offline integration brings the same benefits as our online version: you get to extend revolving lines of credit to your customer without any of the overhead costs, cash flow burden or risk that is involved with managing these tasks on your own. Our B2B credit network connects business buyers,    their suppliers, and third-party banks to drive B2B sales.

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Offering revolving credit to your customer drives sales, loyalty, and repeat purchasing. Contact us to learn more about joining our B2B Credit Network today.